Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions for the Automotive & Lubricants Industry 

The challenge: The market for original automotive parts (OEM) and the independent aftermarket (IAM) is affected by product counterfeiting and grey market trade. Lack of transparency is a major issue, including difficulties in controlling quantities from external suppliers and reaching decision-makers in workshops and retail. Additionally, there is a need to enhance products with extra benefits like bonus systems for mechanics.

Our solutions

Our solutions ensure the security of your products by implementing counterfeit-proof product identities at every stage of the supply chain. Whether you are manufacturing high-temperature lubricants, contact protection oil, or performance brake pads, we have the expertise to protect your products from counterfeiting.

Security Label

Our security labels protect spare parts and accessories from counterfeiting and grey market activities. This solution can be quickly implemented by applying it directly onto the product label. 

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Printed Security

A scalable solution that integrates our counterfeit-proof product marking directly into packaging or product labels for top-selling products.

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SCRIBOS HiddenCode

Tamper-proof labels that protect packaging from unauthorised opening. The proof of first opening is visible on the packaging and digitally verifiable. 

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Digital Platform

Our brand protection technology is connected to the innovative SCRIBOS 360 digital platform.

  • SCRIBOS 360 Authentication
    This module enables customers worldwide to differentiate between original products and counterfeits through a guided or automated authentication process. The SCRIBOS 360 database confirms product authenticity and allows consumers to report suspicious products.
  • SCRIBOS 360 Grey Market 
    This module ensures real-time detection of grey market activity. The module sends alerts the brand owner, enabling immediate action against grey market trading.
  • SCRIBOS 360 B2B Ordering 
    This module offers transparency over the supply chain as suppliers directly order product markings from SCRIBOS. Unique serialisation allows for assigning products to their original production location.
  • SCRIBOS 360 Data Analytics 
    This module analyses collected data using intelligent algorithms to detect counterfeits and illegal activities quickly. It provides relevant information for effective anti-counterfeiting measures.

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Your benefits at a glance

Collect valuable data exposing counterfeiting and grey market activities

Gain control over suppliers through data analysis

Increase sales and secure price levels in different markets

Gain valuable insights and enhance customer loyalty by having direct access to garages and retailers through our digital platform SCRIBOS 360

Success Story

Learn how Stellantis effectively safeguards their products from counterfeiting with our solution. 

From combating counterfeiting to supplier management and streamlined communication, SCRIBOS' 360° solution empowers Stellantis with high-level security for their products and unrivaled transparency over their business.

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