Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions for the Automotive & Lubricants Industry 

The challenge: Product counterfeiting and grey market trade affect both the market for original automotive parts (OEM) and the independent aftermarket (IAM). Here, lack of transparency is often a major problem: How can the quantities from external suppliers be precisely controlled? How do you reach the decision-makers in workshops or in retail? And what possibilities are there to enrich products with additional benefits such as bonus systems for mechanics?

Our solutions

We secure your products with counterfeit-proof product identities throughout the entire supply chain, whether you manufacture high-temperature lubricants, contact protection oil or performance brake pads.

Security Label

Our security labels reliably protect spare parts and accessories against counterfeiting, while at the same time uncovering grey market activities. By integrating the solution into the product label, your brand protection programme can be rolled out quickly and without additional implementation effort.

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Printed Security

The perfectly scalable solution for your top-selling products: The counterfeit-proof product marking is integrated directly into the packaging or product label.

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SCRIBOS HiddenCode

With the tamper-proof HiddenCode labels from SCRIBOS, you can protect your packaging from unauthorised opening. The proof of first opening is both directly visible on the packaging and digitally verifiable. The hidden, tamper-proof code also allows you to offer your customers additional digital offers such as bonus programmes or product information.

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Digital Platform

Our unique brand protection technology is connected to the innovative digital platform SCRIBOS 360. 

  • SCRIBOS 360 Authentication
    With this module,  you enable your customers worldwide to distinguish original products from counterfeits. Consumers are guided through a guided or fully automated authentication process. A comparison with the SCRIBOS 360 database then confirms the authenticity of a product and, if necessary, gives the consumer the opportunity to report a suspicious product. With the help of artificial intelligence, suspicious activities are detected quickly and automatically and therefore can be stopped at an early stage.
  • SCRIBOS 360 Grey Market 
    Uncover grey market activity in real time! Already after the very first scan, the module sends an alert to the brand owner if necessary. With the colleted data, you can take immediate and effective action against grey market trading.
  • SCRIBOS 360 B2B Ordering 
    This module offers you full transparency over your supply chain. Suppliers order their product markings directly from SCRIBOS. Due to the uniqueness and serialisation, every product in the market can be assigned to the original production location.
  • SCRIBOS 360 Data Analytics 
    With intelligent algorithms, you analyse the collected data, detect counterfeits and any hotspots for illegal activity as quickly as possible. The module provides you with all the relevant information you need to take effective action against counterfeiting in your market.

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Your benefits at one glance

Collect valuable data which exposes counterfeiting and grey market activities.
Gain more control over your suppliers with the data gathered.
Increase sales figures and secure price levels in various markets.
Gain direct access to garages and retailers which provides you with crucial insights and boosts loyalty.

Success story

See how our customer Stellantis protects its products from counterfeiting

Success Story: Stellantis (formely PSA)

Protection from counterfeiting, control of all suppliers and simplified communication: with the 360° solution from SCRIBOS, Stellantis / PSA Group benefits from maximum transparency and the advantages of digitally connected products.

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