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Effectively fight counterfeiting, grey market activities and overproduction, while opening avenues for customer interaction.

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Our innovative and market-tested security markings are designed to meet the highest standards in brand protection. We can tailor them to fit your specific needs, ensuring a perfect match for your application and product requirements.


Unlocking multiple benefits

By integrating just one of our solutions, you can unlock a multitude of benefits that will elevate your brand protection efforts to new heights.

Stop Counterfeiting

With our market-leading brand protection technology and digital platform, you can reliably identify originals, spot counterfeit products worldwide and remove them from the market.

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Avoid Grey Markets

Detect grey market suppliers with our reliable, practicable security tags.

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Control Quantities

Identify illegal products produced in the ‘third shift’ with our counterfeit-proof security tags and digital platform 

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Manage Licensing Business

Our licensing management solution allows you to manage your licenses centrally, protect your brand and open avenues for customer interaction.

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Initiate Customer Interaction

With our smart labels and markings, you can create touchpoints for customer engagement, which helps strengthen brand loyalty and gather valuable market data.

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What our customers say

SCRIBOS 360 not only meets our expectations in terms of giving proof of originality, but also includes digital communication and marketing elements that make all the difference in communicating with our customers.

Philippe Pellaton
President of the Maison Sinnae winegrowers’ cooperative and of the Union of Côtes du Rhône

SCRIBOS brand protection solutions give us improved market knowledge and transparency. They allow us to take targeted action against counterfeiters, which finally shifts the power dynamics! 

Brand Protection Manager

Our awards

German Packaging Award 2010
World Star Award 2010
Blue Shield Award 2015
TOP 100 Innovator Award 2021
Pack&Spirit Innovation Award 2022
Sustainable Circle Innovation and Exploration Award 2022