Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions for Agricultural Products 

The challenge: Counterfeit agricultural products, such as fertilizers, seeds, and pesticides, have become highly profitable items, leading to an increase in organized crime within the sector. However, the identification of these counterfeit products, particularly when they are in the form of clear liquids or seeds, poses a significant challenge. Ensuring brand protection, preventing image loss, and guaranteeing product originality and proper usage are critical concerns. Additionally, complying with safety standards and regulatory requirements set by associations and legislators adds to the complexity of the issue.

Our solutions

Our solutions address these concerns. We offer counterfeit-proof product markings that allow you to prove the origin of your products, whether they are used for effective crop protection, healthy animal feed, or high-quality seeds. By connecting your products to our digital platform, SCRIBOS 360, you also gain valuable market insights and have the opportunity to directly engage with your customers.

Security Label

Our innovative security labels are manufactured using proprietary technologies, providing maximum protection against counterfeiting. These labels have visible security features for consumers, hidden features for experts, and features that can be automatically verified by all end customers.

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Printed Security

As a sustainable solution, our anti-counterfeiting feature can be integrated directly into your packaging or product design. It can serve as both a concealed feature or an eye-catching element for customer interaction at the point of sale.

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Security Seal

To prevent unauthorised opening, SCRIBOS offers labels with a unique proof of first opening. This ensures that your products cannot be refilled with counterfeit contents.

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Digital Platform

Our brand protection technology is connected to the innovative digital platform SCRIBOS 360.

  • SCRIBOS 360 Authentication
    This module enables customers to distinguish between original products and counterfeits with the help of a guided or fully automated authentication process. A comparison with the SCRIBOS 360 database confirms the authenticity of a product and allows consumers to report a suspicious product. Suspicious activities are quickly and automatically detected using artificial intelligence, enabling early intervention.
  • SCRIBOS 360 Grey Market
    This module allows you to uncover grey market activity in real time. Already after the first scan, the module sends an alert to the brand owner if necessary. With the collected data, you can take immediate and effective action against potential grey market activities.
  • SCRIBOS 360 Data Analytics
    Using intelligent algorithms, you can analyze the collected data to identify counterfeits and pinpoint possible hotspots of illegal activity. This module provides you with all the relevant information needed to effectively combat counterfeiting in your market.

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Your benefits at a glance

Guarantee the authenticity of your products to customers and legislators

Identify and thwart illegal activities such as counterfeiting and grey market trading using our advanced brand protection technology

Secure your prices and preserve the integrity of your brand image

Foster long-term customer loyalty by leveraging the marketing modules available on our digital platform SCRIBOS 360

Success Story

Discover how our customer KWS effectively safeguards its products against counterfeiting 

KWS SAAT relies on our innovative security concept in the fight against grey market trading and counterfeiting: thanks to our VeoMark® security label, RFID transponders and connection to the SCRIBOS 360 digital platform, the flow of their goods can be precisely traced.

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