News 12 enero 2022

SCRIBOS proudly announces newest partnership with DRiV Incorporated!

Lake Forest, USA
DRiV is adding our SCRIBOS unique QR codes to the packaging of many products to enable installers to instantly access a huge variety of helpful information when fitting an automotive part. Once installers scan the QR code with a smartphone, they are taken to a main menu where they can navigate to several tailored sub-sections, which include product specifications, fitting advice, warranty conditions and contact details for the DRiV technical support center. Scanning the QR code also confirms that the part is a genuine DRiV product. The content accessed via the QR code is designed to make installation as straightforward as possible and to keep those working on vehicles up to date with the latest technical developments. The menu and functions can be viewed in a choice of eight languages – English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Russian – with more functionalities and languages going to be added in the near future.
News 6 abril 2022

SCRIBOS wins the Pack & Spirit Technology Award!

Reims, France
On the 6th of April 2022, we won the Pack & Spirits Technology Innovation Award for our VALIGATE® DIRECT PRINT solution! Our valued colleague Frederic Etienne presented our latest innovation to 10 renowned judges from the Champagne field and a 150 person live audience! Big win for our newest SCRIBOS innovation!
News 26 octubre 2022

SCRIBOS won the Sustainable Circle Innovation and Exploration Award!

Suzhou, China
On the 26h of October, the 2022 Packaging Innovation & Sustainable Development Awards took place as part of the CPiS2022, which was held at the Tongli Lake Hotel in Suzhou. We are excited to announce that SCRIBOS won the Sustainable Circle Innovation and Exploration Award from more than 200 candidates. Thank you to our valued colleagues Maggie Jiang & Awen Shi for accepting the price in the name of our company!
News 13 - 14 junio 2023


Heidelberg, Germany
This week we hosted our in-house masterclass on Digital Security Printing in close cooperation with our partner HP Indigo. 🚀 We kicked off the event with a beautiful dinner on the Königsstuhl with a stunning view and sunset over the city of Heidelberg. The next day our valued guests were able to learn about our partnership with HP Indigo, our innovative ValiGate© solution and our powerful digital platform SCRIBOS 360. Other highlights included the presentation by Brian Colin from Brown-Forman, who presented our successful joint Brand Protection and Customer Engagement project with Jack Daniel's. Furthermore, our guests also were able to experience a live printing of our ValiGate© solution from the HP Graphics Center in Barcelona and an exclusive SCRIBOS production tour. We are excited to host our next Masterclass soon!
News 9 agosto 2023

Our new SCRIBOS company film is out!

Heidelberg, Germany
🎬 Exciting News! Our company film is out! 🎥 We're beyond thrilled to share our first ever company movie! 🌟 In a world where counterfeiting poses a significant threat to industries far and wide, we at SCRIBOS have taken up the mantle to combat this issue head-on. Our upcoming film is not just a movie – it's a declaration of our commitment to creating a safer, more authentic business environment. From state-of- the art security markings to cutting-edge technologies, we're here to empower businesses against the rising tide of counterfeit products!
News 30 noviembre 2023

Interview in Engineering Magazine

Easy Engineering Magazine
Our valued Steffen Dr. Scheibenstock was interviewed by Easy Engineering Magazine about our company. The interview summarizes our main areas of activity and new products. However, he also touches on market trends and estimations for the rest of 2023.
News 23 mayo 2024

We are thrilled to be part of the Luxoro stand at Packaging Premiere 2024!

Milan, Italy
At the event, Luxoro is presenting a special marketing project in partnership with KIKO MILANO, a renowned cosmetic company. The project features a cosmetics beauty set, including a foundation, eyeshadow palette and mascara, adorned with KURZ effects. The package prominently showcases our SCRIBOS ValiGate® Green label, a sustainable anti-counterfeiting option made from 100% compostable materials. This label maintains high security levels, while aligning with brand owners' sustainability goals. Furthermore, it offers reliable product authentication via our SCRIBOS 360 digital platform. The product can be authenticated with a simple scan without the interim step of installing an app. This exclusive package is currently on display at the event, serving as a demonstration of our innovative and sustainable anti-counterfeiting solutions for various packaging needs.
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Masterclass: Brand Protection and Traceability in One Go

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
We cordially invited to our Masterclass on "Brand Protection and Traceability in One Go" on June 12th at the luxurious The Myst Dong Khoi Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Join us as we delve into the topic of brand protection and explore how our solution can help you comply with the new Vietnamese traceability regulation. Learn how our physical brand protection markings can be seamlessly connected through our digital platform to product information sheets on the national traceability portal provided by the Vietnamese government or any other preferred method.
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Asian Brand Protection Congress 2024

We will be exhibiting at the Asian Brand Protection Congress 2024.
Event 23 - 24 julio 2024 Añadir al calendario

ASIA Security Conference & Exhibition

New Dehli, India
We will be exhibiting at the ASIA Security Conference & Exhibition.