Gain transparency over your licensing business

The challenge: Licensing is a highly profitable industry, but it comes with numerous challenges and risks for both licensors and licensees. How do you effectively manage rights, production, and royalties? How can you safeguard your brand against counterfeiting and unauthorised production? And how can you enhance the fan experience while increasing scan rates?

Our solutions

No matter if you produce sports equipment for different sports clubs or toys and technical devices, we have the perfect solution to protect your licensed products from counterfeiting and unauthorised production. With our advanced digital platform, SCRIBOS 360, you have complete transparency and control over your licensing operations.

Security Label

Boost your brand and ensure that customers recognize and purchase genuine products from authorised manufacturers through our appealing security features.

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Printed Security

Implement sustainable anti-counterfeiting measures that add value to your products and brand, guaranteeing that end consumers acquire licensed and high-quality items.

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Security Label on Hangtag

Our hangtags can be seamlessly combined with any SCRIBOS security feature, providing a flexible and effortless way to integrate product markings. No implementation complexities or delays—simply "brand protection to go."

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Digital Platform

Our innovative digital platform, SCRIBOS 360, is interconnected with our state-of-the-art brand protection solutions. 

  • SCRIBOS 360 Licensing
    Authorised licensees can conveniently order and receive the appropriate product markings online, based on the agreed-upon details between licensor and licensee. Sales reports can be compared with order volumes through the integrated licensing management platform, ensuring transparency and traceability. This fosters trust in the business relationship and minimizes effort for the licensor. 
  • SCRIBOS 360 Authentication
    This module gives customers the power to differentiate between genuine products and counterfeits. By simply comparing their purchased item with the SCRIBOS 360 database, customers can easily verify its authenticity through a guided or fully automated authentication process. In the event of any suspicion, customers have the ability to report the product. This builds customer trust and acts as a deterrent for counterfeiters.
  • SCRIBOS 360 Interaction
    With the help of this module, licensors can effectively engage and retain customers by implementing bonus programs, competitions, and other digital interaction options. By integrating this module, you can enhance customer loyalty and confidence, all while benefiting from a robust brand protection solution.

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Your benefits at one glance

Make informed long-term sales and marketing decisions by accessing crucial market data

Safeguard your brand from counterfeiting and unauthorised grey market trading

Enhance customer experiences by bridging the gap between your products and the digital world

Streamline reporting and billing processes by ensuring greater transparency across the entire supply chain

Success Stories 

Discover the benefits that our solutions bring to our esteemed customers, Ligue Nationale De Rugby and Fédération Française de Football.

Ligue Nationale De Rugby

Rugby fans of TOP 14, PRO D2, and In Extenso SUPERSEVENS can now verify the authenticity of their purchased fan merchandise. This not only gives fans peace of mind but also provides valuable insights to licensors and licensees, enabling them to enhance future fan experiences.

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Fédération Française de Football

The FFF benefits from a comprehensive solution that simplifies licensing management and safeguards their brand. Licensors and licensees can easily access labels and related services on our digital platform SCRIBOS 360, while also ensuring their products are protected against illegal activities. 

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