Printed Security 

Our Printed Security Solution: simple, scalable and sustainable brand protection

Integrate our non-cloneable ValiGate® security marking directly into your packaging or label design with standard printing technologies. No additional production step is required, greatly simplifying implementation and time-to-market.

ValiGate® Direct Print 

Our forgery-proof, serialized ValiGate® offers an effective counterfeit protection for your best-selling products. Your customers can easily and reliably authenticate products and detect counterfeits and grey market goods. No app is required for the authentication process. Without the costly use of random patterns or fingerprint technology, ValiGate® uses the entire QR code to embed the patented security pattern, that can neither be copied nor re-engineered.

The special feature of our ValiGate® Direct Print solution is that it can be printed directly onto the product packaging. Directly printing the security feature results in less material consumption. No additional labels, inks or even transport are required. Thus, this direct print alternative has a positive effect on the recyclability of your product packaging, application complexity and your ecological footprint. 

By linking each ValiGate® to our digital platform, every scan is turned into actionable data for brand owners to push fakes out of the market and gain back market shares from counterfeiters. On top of this, it opens avenues for customer interaction, track and trace and market analysis.

ValiGate® Zoom

Our newest innovation incorporates our tried-and-true ValiGate® technology into the industry-leading holographic products from KURZ. This is the first ever holographic security element on the market that anyone with a smart phone can verify. There is no need for an adapter, an application or training.

This combination offers numerous advantages, as it combines digital and optical security into a single solution. ValiGate® Zoom is serialized and can be easily authenticated by all target groups without app. The hologram patch effectively safeguards the product by providing optical security, as it is immediately identifiable by all target audiences.

Furthermore, this solution can be seamlessly integrated into the workflows of print shops equipped with hot stamping capabilities. However, the solution can also be delivered as a finished label. .

Your benefits at a glance 

  • Trusted SCRIBOS protection, combined with market-leading holographic security elements
  • Easy authentication by all target groups
  • Seamless integration into work flows of print shops with hot stamping capabilities 
  • Fully customisable 
  • Digital touchpoint for customer interaction

Digital Platform

Via SCRIBOS 360, the security markings are delivered to your approved printers without any detours, while guaranteeing highest quality. Your products can be authenticated quickly and reliably by all target groups worldwide. Data analysis also effectively stops counterfeiting and grey market activities.

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