Printed Security 

Printed Security: Seamless Brand Protection with SCRIBOS printed security solutions

By incorporating our unique ValiGate® security marking directly into your packaging or labels using standard printing methods, you can enhance product security without adding extra production steps. This simplifies implementation and speeds up time-to-market.

ValiGate® Direct Print 

ValiGate® Direct Print ensures effective protection against counterfeiting, allowing customers to easily authenticate products and identify fake items. By utilizing the entire QR code to embed its patented security pattern, ValiGate® ensures protection without the need for costly random patterns or fingerprint technology. This ensures that this unique security feature cannot be replicated or reverse-engineered. 

What sets ValiGate® Direct Print apart is its ability to be directly printed onto packaging, reducing material waste and eliminating the need for additional labels or inks. This eco-friendly solution not only enhances recyclability but also simplifies application and reduces your carbon footprint.

By connecting each ValiGate® to our digital platform, brand owners gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour and market trends, which help combat counterfeit products and regain market share.

ValiGate® Zoom

The innovative ValiGate® Zoom combines our proven security technology with KURZ's holographic products, creating the first ever holographic security feature on the market that anyone with a smartphone can verify. There is no need for an adapter, application or training. 

This combination provides a multitude of benefits by integrating digital and optical security into one comprehensive solution. ValiGate® Zoom is serialised and can be authenticated effortlessly by all target groups without the need for an app. The hologram patch ensures product protection through optical security, as it is easily recognisable by all intended audiences.

ValiGate® Zoom can be seamlessly integrated by print shops with hot stamping capabilities or can be delivered as a finished label, offering flexibility and customisation options for your brand.

Key Benefits: 

  • Trusted SCRIBOS protection combined with industry-leading holographic security elements 
  • Easy authentication for all users
  • Seamless integration into existing workflows of print shops with hot stamping capabilities 
  • Fully customisable 
  • Digital touchpoints for enhanced customer interaction

Integration with our digital platform

With our digital platform SCRIBOS 360, brand owners can efficiently distribute security markings to approved printers worldwide, ensuring top-notch quality without delays. SCRIBOS 360 enables quick and reliable product authentication by all target groups worldwide, while data analysis effectively combats counterfeiting and grey market activities.

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