Digital Platform: SCRIBOS 360

SCRIBOS 360 is your digital platform for successful anti-counterfeiting and grey market detection 

All of our powerful brand protection solutions can be seamlessly integrated with our innovative digital platform SCRIBOS 360, providing maximum benefits in brand protection, anti-counterfeiting, and grey market detection. Additionally, it enables customer engagement, product traceability, and valuable market insights.

Our brand protection modules

SCRIBOS 360 Authentication offers:

  • Quick and user-friendly online authentication for all consumers without the need for an app
  • Reliable counterfeit detection through advanced technology and smart algorithms
  • Instant access to digital offers like product information and bonus programs
  • Expert login providing a comprehensive view of all scans and statistics

SCRIBOS 360 Grey Market features:

  • Automatic alerts to brand owners upon products being detected outside the designated region
  • Identification of grey market channels through data analysis and intelligent track and trace technology
  • Court-admissible product markings as a robust foundation to combat grey market activities

SCRIBOS 360 B2B Ordering offers:

  • Effortless distribution of product labels to all sites and suppliers within the network
  • Efficient management of production volumes to prevent overproduction
  • Enhanced supply chain transparency through detailed statistics and insights

SCRIBOS 360 Interaction features:

  • Foster customer engagement and brand loyalty through digital marketing promotions
  • Diverse design options, from standard to personalised solutions
  • Utilize competitions and bonus programs strategically to boost scan rates

SCRIBOS 360 Licensing offers:

  • Safeguard your brand and increase the revenue of your licensing operations
  • Enable licensees to conveniently order the required product markings through SCRIBOS 360 
  • Seamlessly reconcile order volumes with license fees using the licensing management platform to establish a sustainable and trustworthy business partnership

SCRIBOS 360 Data Analytics features:

  • Utilize a range of smart algorithms from SCRIBOS 360 to offer precise actionable recommendations for combating counterfeiting
  • Analysis and statistics offer transparency and quantifiable success for your brand protection program
  • Gain valuable market insights to safeguard and grow business models over the long term