Digital Platform: SCRIBOS 360

SCRIBOS 360 - Your digital platform for effective anti-counterfeiting and grey market detection

Our unique brand protection technology is connected to the innovative digital platform SCRIBOS 360. This unparalleled combination makes you reap maximum benefits in the area of brand protection, anti-counterfeiting and grey market detection. Furthermore, it allows you to engage with your customers, create product traceability and gain valuable market insights.

Our brand protection modules

SCRIBOS 360 Authentication

  • Fast and intuitive online authentication for all consumers (no app required)
  • Reliable detection of counterfeits using powerful technology and intelligent algorithms
  • Direct redirection to digital offers such as product information and bonus programmes possible
  • Expert login with overview of all scans and statistics

SCRIBOS 360 Grey Market

  • Automated notification of brand owners as soon as products appear outside the target region
  • Identification of grey market channels via data analysis and intelligent track & trace
  • Court-proof product markings as an effective basis to stop grey market activities

SCRIBOS 360 B2B Ordering

  • Simple and smooth distribution of product labels to the entire network of sites and suppliers
  • Effective control of production volumes and prevention of overproduction
  • Transparency of the entire supply chain through dedicated statistics

SCRIBOS 360 Interaction

  • Create customer proximity and brand loyalty via digital marketing offers
  • Wide range of design possibilities: from standard to customised solutions
  • Use of competitions and bonus programmes to purposefully increase the scan rate

SCRIBOS 360 Licensing

  • Protect your brand and increase the profitability of your licensing business
  • Provide your licensees with an easy way of ordering the appropriate product markings online via SCRIBOS 360 
  • Direct reconciliation of order volumes with licence fees via the licensing management platform to create a sustainable and trusting business relationship

SCRIBOS 360 Data Analytics

  • A multitude of intelligent algorithms from SCRIBOS 360 provide precise recommendations for action to effectively combat counterfeiting in the market
  • Analyses and statistics generate transparency and make the success of your program measurable
  • Valuable market knowledge helps to secure and expand business models in the long term