Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions for Agricultural Products 

The challenge: Counterfeit agricultural products such as fertilisers, seeds and pesticides, have become high margin products, which has led to an increase in organised crime in the sector. But how can counterfeit products be identified when they are clear liquids or seeds? How do you protect your brand from abuse and image loss? How do you ensure the originality and correct use of your products? And how do you comply with all safety standards and requirements set by associations and legislators? 

Our solutions

Our counterfeit proof product markings enable you to demonstrate the origin of your products, regardless of whether they are utilized for effective crop protection products, healthy animal feed, or high-quality seeds. By connecting your products to our digital platform SCRIBOS 360, you also gain valuable market insights and have the opportunity to interact directly with your customers.

Security Label

Our innovative security labels are manufactured using proprietary technologies and therefore offer maximum protection against counterfeiting - from overtly recognisable security features for consumers, to covert features for experts, to automatically verifiable features for all end customers.

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No Label Solution (Direct Print)

As a particularly sustainable solution, the anti-counterfeiting feature can be integrated directly into your packaging or product design - both as a concealed feature and as an eye-catching element for customer interaction at the point of sale.

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Security Seal

To secure your products against unauthorised opening, SCRIBOS offers you labels with a unique proof of first opening. This way you protect your products from being refilled with counterfeit contents.

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Digital Platform

Our unique brand protection technology is connected to the innovative digital platform SCRIBOS 360. 

  • SCRIBOS 360 Authentication
    With this module, we enable our customers worldwide to distinguish original products from counterfeits. Consumers are guided through a guided or fully automated authentication process. A comparison with the SCRIBOS 360 database then confirms the authenticity of a product and, if necessary, gives the consumer the opportunity to report a suspicious product. With the help of artificial intelligence, suspicious activities are detected quickly and automatically and therefore can be stopped at an early stage.
  • SCRIBOS 360 Grey Market
    Uncover grey market activity in real time! Already after the very first scan, the module sends an alert to the brand owner if necessary. With the collected data, you can take immediate and effective action against possible grey market activities.
  • SCRIBOS 360 Data Analytics
    With intelligent algorithms, you can analyse the collected data and identify counterfeits and quickly identify possible hotspots of illegal activity. The module provides you with all the relevant information to take effective action against counterfeiting in your market.

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Your benefits at one glance

Ensure the originality of your products vis-à-vis customers and legislators
Detect and prevent illegal activities such as counterfeiting or grey market trading with our digital tools
Secure your prices and protect your brand image
Increase long-term customer loyalty by using marketing modules provided by our digital platform SCRIBOS 360

Our success stories

See how our customer KWS protects its products from counterfeiting

Success Story: KWS

KWS SAAT relies on our innovative security concept in the fight against grey market trading and counterfeiting: thanks to our VeoMark® security label, RFID transponders and connection to the SCRIBOS 360 digital platform, the flow of their goods can be precisely traced.

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