Security Label

Our security labels: customised brand protection at the highest security level

Our innovative security markings are manufactured using proprietary technologies and offer maximum protection against counterfeiting – from overtly recognisable security features for consumers, to covert features for experts, to automatically verifiable features for all target groups.

Our wide variety of security labels


The gold standard in brand protection for applications with the highest level of counterfeit protection: 20 years on the market without a single successful imitation attempt and with maximum flexibility in design as well as application.


For brand protection programmes with increased customer interaction: VeoMark guarantees maximum counterfeit protection for your products in combination with customisable design and optimal visibility.


The innovative ValiGate label offers your customers fully automated proof of originality and effective counterfeit protection for top­selling products. It is also available in a sustainable version, certified with 100% biodegradable ingredients according to EN13432.

Secure – Seamless – Powerful

Our ValiGate®️ security label now allows for product authentication without the extra step of having to install an app.

This makes the whole process as easy as 1-2-3:
1 Scan the QR-Code
2 Authentication screen opens directly in browser
3 Authentication completed

Added bonus: This works on Apple as well as Android phones!

Digital Platform

With the help of SCRIBOS 360, counterfeit-proof product markings become an effective brand protection programme that detects counterfeits, grey market activities and overproduction. Additional functions allow for digital customer interaction and brand loyalty measures.

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Your benefits at one glance

Highest security level on the market
Easy authentication by all target groups
Proprietary production- technology
No successful imitation attempt in over 20 years