Security Labels

Security Labels: Customised Brand Protection at the Highest Level

Our cutting-edge security labels are created using proprietary technologies, ensuring high-level protection against counterfeiting. From easily identifiable features for consumers to concealed elements for experts, our labels provide maximum security for all target groups.

Our wide variety of security labels


PrioSpot® offers unparalleled counterfeit protection, boasting a 20-year track record without any successful imitation attempts. With its exceptional design flexibility, PrioSpot® is the top choice for protecting your brand.

Key Benefits: 

  • Highest security level on the market
  • Combination of 100% overt, semi-overt, and covert features
  • Fully customisable
  • Seamless authentication for all user groups
  • Zero successful imitation attempts in over two decades


Tailored for brand protection programs with enhanced customer interaction, VeoMark® ensures the highest levels of counterfeit protection for your products. With customisable design options and excellent visibility, this label can incorporate up to four verification levels for added security.

Key Benefits: 

  • Maximum counterfeit protection
  • Combination of 100% overt, semi-overt, and covert features
  • User-friendly authentication for all user groups
  • Fully customisable
  • Zero successful imitation attempts in over 20 years


ValiGate® provides a secure and serialised solution to verify product authenticity and prevent counterfeiting. Its patented security pattern embedded in the QR code ensures it cannot be replicated or re-engineered. The one-click authentication process, accessible without an app, allows users to easily verify the authenticity of products using their smartphone camera.

By connecting ValiGate® to a digital platform, brand owners can gather valuable data to combat counterfeit products and improve their market share. ValiGate® is available in standard label form, 100% compostable materials, or as a direct print option..

Key Benefits: 

  • Highly secure, copy-proof QR code
  • Reliable mobile product authentication for all target groups
  • No app required
  • Digital touchpoint to activate the end customer
  • Available as a standard label, 100% compostable or direct print (no label)

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ValiGate® Green 

ValiGate® Green is a sustainable option made from 100% compostable materials, maintaining high security levels while also aligning with brand owners' sustainability goals. Like the original ValiGate®, it offers reliable product authentication without the need for an app.

Overall, ValiGate® provides a highly secure and user-friendly solution for authenticating products and protecting against counterfeits, with the added benefit of sustainable materials for environmentally conscious brands.

Connecting each ValiGate® label to our digital platform transforms every scan into valuable data that empowers brand owners to combat counterfeit products and reclaim market share. This integration also provides opportunities for customer engagement, track and trace , and market analysis.

Key Benefits: 

  • Highly secure, copy-proof QR code 
  • Reliable mobile product authentication for all target groups 
  • No app required
  • 100% biodegradable materials

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ValiGate® Trust 

In 2021, SCRIBOS and the KURZ Group united to create a powerful force in brand protection, leading to the introduction of ValiGate® Trust. This innovative solution not only provides unmatched protection against counterfeiting, but also combines our secure copy-proof QR code with a KURZ Trustseal for an attractive appearance at the point of sale. This dual approach not only discourages  counterfeiters but also boosts scan rates and increases customer engagement. The data collected from these interactions is a valuable asset for upcoming projects, such as anti-counterfeiting strategies and marketing campaigns.

Exclusively tailored for the licensing market, we offer a visually appealing hangtag featuring ValiGate® Trust on the reverse side. Brand owners can leverage the full capabilities of our digital platform to combat counterfeits, identify grey market activities and regain market share. Moreover, it facilitates customer engagement and promotional management.

Key Benefits: 

  • Robust protection against counterfeiting with innovative optical features
  • Seamless product authentication without the need for an app
  • Tailored solution designed specifically for the licensing market
  • Enhanced transparency in complex licensing processes for licensors and licensees
  • Digital touchpoints for customer interaction

Secure – Seamless – Powerful

Our ValiGate®️ security label now allows for product authentication without the extra step of having to install an app.

This makes the whole process as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Scan the QR-Code
2. Authentication screen opens directly in browser
3. Authentication completed

Added bonus: This works on Apple as well as Android phones!

Integration with our digital platform 

Leveraging SCRIBOS 360, our counterfeit-proof product markings transform into a comprehensive brand protection program that effectively detects counterfeits, grey market activities and overproduction. The platform offers additional functionalities for digital customer interaction and brand loyalty initiatives, empowering brand owners with a holistic approach to safeguard their products and engage with customers.

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