SCRIBOS HiddenCode

SCRIBOS HiddenCode: Protect your marketing campaigns from fraud

Our Hidden Code Label allows brand owners to conceal promotion codes, providing maximum protection against unauthorised access and ensuring that high-value incentives are exclusively available to buying customers.

SCRIBOS HiddenCode

Our HiddenCode label features a tamper-proof void effect upon initial opening, providing enhanced protection against unauthorised access, theft, and tampering. The visible indication of the label's first opening can be digitally verified for added security. Moreover, the hidden code within the void effect safeguards loyalty program codes from unauthorised use.

Integration with our digital platform 

The SCRIBOS 360 platform enables brand owners to easily and securely manage competitions, bonus programs, and digital offers in one centralized location, while accurately tracking their effectiveness. Through enhanced customer engagement, the platform enriches the product experience and builds trust in the brand. 

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Key Benefits

Fully customisable

Comprehensive protection for marketing campaigns

Compatible with any SCRIBOS solution