Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

We protect your products with our reliable anti-counterfeiting technology

We develop and manufacture innovative and secure product markings, which can be combined with cutting-edge digital tools. These effective brand protection solutions empower brand owners all over the world to combat counterfeiting, grey market trading and unauthorized overproduction. On top of this, they open avenues for customer interaction, track & trace and market analysis.

Stop Counterfeiting

With our market-leading brand protection technology and digital platform, you can reliably identify originals, spot counterfeit products worldwide and remove them from the market. 

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Avoid Grey Markets

Detect grey market suppliers with our reliable, practicable security tags. 

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Control Quantities

Identify illegal products produced in the ‘third shift’ with our counterfeit-proof security tags and digital platform SCRIBOS 360. 

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Manage Licensing Business

Our licensing management solution allows you to manage your licenses centrally, protect your brand and open avenues for customer interaction.  

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Initiate Customer Interaction

With our smart labels and markings, you can create touchpoints for customer engagement, which helps strengthen brand loyalty and gather valuable market data.  

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Digital Platform

With the help of SCRIBOS 360, counterfeit-proof product markings become an effective brand protection programme that detects counterfeits, grey market activities and overproduction. Additional functions allow for digital customer interaction and brand loyalty measures.

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The invisible threat: Why companies must fight counterfeiting

The fight against product and brand piracy has long been an a topic of corporate social responsibility (CSR)


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