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SCRIBOS - a KURZ company

A short story about how a happy accidental discovery led to the founding of a market-leading provider for anti-counterfeiting solutions.

In 1998, two physicists at the University of Heidelberg, Dr. Steffen Noethe and Matthias Gerspach, made a once-in-a- lifetime discovery. They observed that simple transparent tesafilm® adhesive tape had the physical qualities to store information and could even be read digitally. Not long after the physicists succeeded in storing data, invisible to the human eye, on simple adhesive tape. To achieve this, they developed an innovative laser marking process called lithographic marking. Little did they know that they had just laid the foundation for a successful company: SCRIBOS.
Until this day, this discovery lies at the core of the company’s inimitable security solutions, which are unforgeable due to in-house development and patented production processes and algorithms. SCRIBOS equips each product with a customized security tag, which gives it an unique identity and connects it to the digital world. This enables their customers to effectively fight counterfeiting, overproduction and grey market trading, while on the other hand giving them opportunity for customer interaction, market insights and track & trace.
At SCRIBOS, we empower brand owners all over the world to win the fight against counterfeits by setting the standard in brand protection solutions. As a 100% subsidiary of the KURZ Group, we benefit from the extensive experience and the global presence in the international market of security applications of our mother company.

Based on extensive consultations, we develop, customize and implement solutions – all from one source. Our company has now over 20 years of experience in the brand protection field and has worked with over 500 leading brands around the world such as Stellantis, Bosch, Castel and Chloé.

We had no idea at the time that our research project would be so successful and even lead to a new company being formed. We now have over 500 customers worldwide who we supply with product markings – wherever they are needed in the world.

Matthias Gerspach
Managing Director Supply Chain

Our awards

German Packaging Award 2010
World Star Award 2010
Blue Shield Award 2015
TOP 100 Innovator Award 2021
Pack&Spirit Innovation Award 2022
Sustainable Circle Innovation and Exploration Award 2022

Our vision

Empowering brand owners all over the world to win the fight against counterfeits by setting the standard in brand protection solutions.