Success Story

Meelunie: Stopping counterfeiters in their tracks, while gaining back market share

Solution: Security Label PrioSpot®
Industry: Agriculture / Food products
Main target: Stop Counterfeiting 

How can high counterfeiting rates be effectively curbed – whilst simultaneously gaining new shares in the Asian market? The long-established Dutch company Meelunie successfully demonstrates this with a solution from SCRIBOS. 

The challenge

The Dutch company Meelunie is one of the world's leading manufacturers of potato starch. When it comes to volume and turnover, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are the most important target markets for the product brand ‘Windmill’. However, it's precisely in these regions where a large  number of counterfeit products are circulating. The result is a huge loss of business for the Dutch company, accompanied by a high risk of reputational damage and threats to consumer safety. The company faced multiple challenges: How can wholesalers, retailers and customers easily recognise counterfeit goods? How can Meelunie get accurate data that can be used to grow their business in Asia?

Our solution

Meelunie worked closely with SCRIBOS to find the best solution to combat this problem. Together, they decided to place a PrioSpot® security label on each bag of potato starch and connect the label to the SCRIBOS 360 digital platform. This anti-counterfeiting solution has helped Meelunie to detect counterfeit goods and take targeted action. This has helped Meelunie regain the market shares they lost to counterfeiters.

SCRIBOS's innovative PrioSpot® technology provided Meelunie with a critical element in our anti-counterfeiting strategy in greater China. Our Windmill potato starch product is now better protected, as we can detect counterfeit hotspots. We highly recommended SCRIBOS solutions!

Jan Van Vilsteren
Commercial Director for Meelunie China

The benefits

Immediately after the label was introduced, retailers reported positive feedback. Demand for products with the label increased despite a slight price increase. This feedback was reinforced by the dramatic increase in product scans. 
Thanks to this newly gathered data, Meelunie can now make more informed decisions in regard to their strategies in the Asian market.

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