Our industry-leading solutions for powerful brand protection

We develop and manufacture state-of-the-art secure product markings that can be integrated with our advanced digital platform. This combined solution empowers brand owners globally to tackle counterfeiting, grey market activities, and unauthorised overproduction, while also enhancing customer engagement.

Security Labels

Manufactured with proprietary technologies, our security features provide unparalleled protection against counterfeiting. They range from overt security features for easy identification to covert markings and automatically verifiable elements tailored for a wide range of target groups.

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Printed Security 

Easily incorporate our ValiGate® security marking into your packaging or label design using standard printing methods. This method eliminates the need for extra production processes, streamlining implementation and reducing time-to-market.

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SCRIBOS HiddenCode

Safeguard your marketing campaigns against fraudulent activities with our tamper-proof seals. Conceal promotion codes from scammers to ensure that valuable incentives are exclusively accessible to genuine customers.

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Security Seals

Our tamper-evident seals not only provide high-level protection against fraud and theft but also guarantee the success of your marketing campaigns. Additionally, they open up various opportunities for interactive packaging solutions.

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Digital Platform

Leverage SCRIBOS 360 to transform counterfeit-proof product markings into a robust brand protection program that identifies counterfeits, grey market activities, and overproduction. The platform also includes features for digital customer engagement and brand loyalty initiatives.

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Success Stories

Partnering with prestigious brands worldwide, we have had the honour of developing and executing.

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