Success Story

tesa SE: Creating a brand new product experience for their customers

Solution: Security Label ValiGate®
Industry: Adhesive
Main target: Stop Counterfeiting / Initiate Customer Interaction 

tesa SE wanted to create an entirely new product experience for their customers, while protecting their products from counterfeiting.

The challenge

tesa SE is one of the world's leading manufacturers of self-adhesive product and system solutions for industry, trade and end consumers. For 87 years, tesa has been developing innovative product solutions, with around 100 new adhesive solutions added every year. One of the latest innovations is a high-quality insect screen for doors and windows. This product launch is also intended to establish a new level of customer interaction.
Tesa SE had a list of questions before launch: How can we implement measures to identify and track counterfeits as soon as a product is launched on the market? Can the product be used to start a dialogue with the end customer? How can we ensure that warranty extensions and cash-back campaigns are only activated for original products?

Our solution

Each individual FALT aluminium frame from the Insect Stop range is provided with a ValiGate® label that gives each product a unique identity. The printed security feature is integrated into a QR code. A leaflet enclosed with the packaging encourages customers to scan the label. By scanning the QR code, consumers gain access to additional information such as product registration, warranty extension, installation instructions, and more. To enhance the customers experience even more, tesa even produced explanation videos exclusively for this product. Different content was then provided based on the customer’s registration status. Tesa can customize the digital content at any time and surprise customers with new content. 
The authentication check runs automatically in the background without the consumer noticing. The check results and customer behavior statistics can be viewed in real-time.
The security label is applied directly to the product. It must last for several years and withstand temperatures up to 70 °C. This ensures that the customer has access to the digital content even after the installation of the FALT aluminum frame. 

We wanted to create a completely new product experience for the launch of the FALT aluminum frame. It was also important for us to be prepared for any counterfeit issues that might appear. We were at a clear advantage in this respect since we were able to draw on our former subsidiary’s extensive experience in counterfeit protection and customised communication solutions.

Harald Aulert
International Marketing Manager tesa SE Home Protection & Wellbeing

The benefits

By connecting their product to the SCRIBOS 360 digital platform, tesa is creating a new digital experience for their customers. Tesa is capable of modifying and adapting the content at any given moment, thereby providing customers with novel experiences, even after the insect screen has been installed. Activating digital perks after registry gives the customer a reason to consent to the use of their contact details. These contact details can be used for individual marketing measures at a later stage.

Together with the SCRIBOS 360 platform, the security label helps protect the product. It also makes sure that services like extended warranties or money-back guarantees are only given for the original product.

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