Safety and quality information

Our measures for safeguarding information, production and distribution

Quality assurance based on compliance with international standards.

It goes without saying that we set ourselves the highest security standards. Here is a selection of our standards for safeguarding information, production and distribution:


  • Use of strong encryption in data transfer
  • Partitioning and tamper protection for active IT systems


  • Secure storage facilities
  • Surveillance and access control of production and office facilities
  • Balancing of the material flow
  • Secure disposal of materials


  • Lifecycle management – security-critical components remain under our control
  • Confidentiality agreements with suppliers and customers
  • Use of product packaging that is protected against tampering and escorted secure transport to the customer
  • Strict process control for deliveries to customers
  • Contingency plan for staff, logistics service providers and customers
  • Regular security training

As well as systematically abiding by local legal requirements, our company observes international quality, environmental and occupational safety standards as a matter of course.


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