Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions for Infant Nutrition

The challenge: The market for food items, especially baby food, is extremely sensitive. As a brand owner, you must at all times be able to guarantee that there are no counterfeits of your products in circulation which contain harmful ingredients. But how can you guarantee parents that they are buying the original product? How can you communicate effectively so that parents feel safe buying your product and trust your brand? And how can you stand out from competitors?

Our solutions

Our intuitive security markings, whether used on initial or subsequent milk, first complementary foods or light snacks, assure parents that the product they have purchased is safe. Furthermore, our SCRIBOS 360 digital platform facilitates the implementation of appealing marketing initiatives such as bonus schemes.

Printed Security

The simplest and most sustainable anti-counterfeiting feature to implement into your production processes. The non-copyable QR code from SCRIBOS can be integrated directly into the product and packaging design and is particularly suitable for high volume products with high security requirements.

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Security Label

The high-quality and counterfeit-proof product markings from SCRIBOS add value to your product and give the consumer the certainty that they are buying an original product.

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Security Seals

In hardly any other area is it so important to be able to trust that the original products are protected against replacement or refilling throughout the entire supply chain. The HighPerSeal from SCRIBOS offers maximum security against this.

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Digital Platform

Our unique brand protection technology is connected to the innovative digital platform SCRIBOS 360. 

  • SCRIBOS 360 Authentication
    With this module, you enable your customers worldwide to distinguish original products from counterfeits. Consumers are guided through a guided or fully automated authentication process. A comparison with the SCRIBOS 360 database then confirms the authenticity of a product and, if necessary, gives the consumer the opportunity to report a suspicious product. With the help of artificial intelligence, suspicious activities are detected quickly and automatically and therefore can be stopped at an early stage.
  • SCRIBOS 360 Interaction
    Winning over as many end customers as possible for authentication, implement and manage bonus programmes, competitions and other digital interaction options via this module. By integrating this module, you can strengthen your customer loyaty and customer confidence, while having a strong brand protection solution in place.
  • SCRIBOS 360 Data Analytics
    With intelligent algorithms, you can analyse the collected data, detect counterfeits and possible hotspots for illegal activity, such as grey market trading, very quickly. The module provides you with all the relevant information you need to take effective action.

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Your benefits at one glance

Get full transparency over your distribution channels, thanks to secure product tracking
Prevent counterfeiting and grey market activities and protect your brand from image damage
Take advantage of new forms of customer interaction and increase your long term sales
Collect important data on customer behaviour, product usage and the effectiveness of your marketing activities