SCRIBOS HiddenCode

SCRIBOS HiddenCode- protect your marketing campaigns from fraud

With our Hidden Code Label, you can hide promotion codes, ensure maximum protection against unauthorised opening and ensure that incentives of high financial value are only available to your customers.

SCRIBOS HiddenCode

Maximum protection against unauthorised opening, theft and refilling. The initial opening is directly visible on the product and can also be digitally verified. This additionally protects investments in customer loyalty programmes against misuse by unauthorised persons.

Digital platform

With the SCRIBOS 360 platform, you can manage competitions, bonus programmes and other digital offers easily and securely in one place - and directly measure their success. Interaction with your customers also enhances the product experience and strengthens trust in your brand.

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Your benefits at one glance

Fully customizable
Full protection of marketing campaigns
Easily combined with any SCRIBOS solution