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Diesel: Tens of thousands of counterfeits confiscated

In the fight against counterfeiting, the fashion brand Diesel has opted for regular checks of marketplaces and clear marking of its products, according to the company. Last year, tens of thousands of counterfeit items were confiscated.

The Italian jeans and lifestyle brand Diesel has recently reported that around 80,000 counterfeits of its products were removed from circulation in 2023. According to the company, most of the confiscated counterfeits came from China, Turkey, and Kosovo. Diesel also had around 30,000 offers removed from online platforms and 500 copies of the Diesel website closed.

Diesel has also had adverts removed from global marketplaces and websites. This includes internet platforms for trading in second-hand products. In future, Diesel plans to continue blocking e-commerce offers that advertise counterfeit goods and use the company’s brand, logo, or images without authorization.

“I am very proud of how Diesel is addressing the challenge of these infringements by taking proactive measures and using increasingly advanced technologies which we are really proud of.”
Renzo Rosso, chairman OTB Group, and founder, Diesel

Diesel has been focusing on targeted measures against counterfeiting for several years now. In addition to regularly monitoring marketplaces for counterfeits, the manufacturer implemented a product authentication system starting in spring 2017. Now, all Diesel products have been equipped with QR codes and a 12-digit numerical code. Customers can scan the QR code with their smartphone to check products for authenticity. According to Diesel, counterfeiting of the brand has decreased noticeably since then. However, a recent study by the EUIPO also indicates that counterfeiting in the clothing industry in the EU is estimated to cost around 12 billion euros a year.



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Sabine Carrell, International Communications Manager at SCRIBOS

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