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German customs intercepts thousands of counterfeit clothes

Around 18,000 counterfeit items of well-known fashion brands were seized by customs officials in the Dresden area during an inspection. The exact destination of the shipment is still unclear, authorities say.

Back in mid-August 2023, customs officials in the area of Dresden, Saxony intercepted a truck shipment of counterfeit clothing, according to information released in September. After initially noticing discrepancies in the documents presented during customs clearance, customs officials carried out a more detailed check of the individual packages in the delivery. They found that around one third of the consignment was suspected to be counterfeit goods.

Customs officials apparently spent two days checking the boxes and bags of the shipment. Among the 18,000 items seized, they found, for example, counterfeit sportswear and children’s clothing from major brands. The officials’ suspicion of counterfeiting has since been confirmed by the rights holders of the respective brands.

According to the driver, the truck with a Turkish registration was on its way to Slovakia. During the investigations, however, customs officials found indications that Poland might also be a possible destination for the counterfeits. The Dresden customs investigation office is now conducting further investigations.

Investigators of the Main Customs Office Dresden had already intercepted significant shipments of counterfeit fashion last year: During two checks in August and September 2022, they withdrew counterfeit clothing and shoes worth an estimated 3.2 million euros from circulation. Just a few months earlier, in June 2022, customs officers of the Dresden customs office seized counterfeit clothing worth around two million euros that was found in a truck apparently en route from Turkey to Poland.


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