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What are security holograms?

Security holograms have revolutionized the landscape of counterfeit prevention and product authentication. From their fascinating history to the cutting-edge features and common use cases, security holograms play a pivotal role in safeguarding brands and products.

Let's delve into the realm of security holograms to uncover their significance and impact on modern-day security measures.

The Evolution of Security Holograms:

Holograms have captivated audiences for decades, tracing their roots back to the invention of lasers in the 1960s. The technology behind holograms dates even further, originating from research in X-ray crystallography [CS1] during the 1920s. Over time, holograms have evolved into intricate images created through dot matrix systems, electron-beam lithography and advanced computer imaging techniques. These nanostructures refract light to project optical illusions, providing a unique visual experience.

A powder X-ray diffractometer in motion
By Kaspar Kallip, CC BY-SA 4.0

Security holograms have evolved over the years, from basic standards that are easily replicated to highly secure features used in banknotes and ID cards. While cheap holograms can be found everywhere, they are no longer considered truly secure, leading to concerns about the authenticity of holographic features. This issue has been highlighted in the press, with examples like the disappearance of Beethoven from the EC card and Visa banning the dove hologram from the front side to the back-side of the card.

In contrast, our parent company KURZ specialises in producing hologram features that are exceptionally secure and used in high-stakes applications like banknotes and ID cards. These features are so advanced that they are difficult for counterfeiters to replicate, setting them apart from cheaper alternatives on the market.

Features and Benefits of Security Holograms:

Security holograms serve as a potent tool against counterfeiting, offering unparalleled protection and authentication benefits. Their inability to be optically scanned or replicated by standard devices makes them a robust deterrent to counterfeiters. The embedded and hidden images within holograms enhance brand sales, packaging appeal, and consumer brand awareness. By leveraging the distinct optical properties of holograms, businesses can ensure quick and easy validation while elevating the perceived value of their products.

Common Applications of Security Holograms:

Security holograms are extensively utilized across various industries, particularly in security-focused contexts. Anti-tamper labels play a crucial role in preventing tampering and upholding product integrity. Product verification and tax verification processes leverage holograms to instil trust and streamline authentication procedures. Noteworthy is the widespread integration of holograms in banknote production, where they safeguard currencies on a global scale and reinforce anti-fraud measures. Countries like Mexico and Sweden have embraced holographic technology on their banknotes, and all denominations of EURO banknotes are equipped with security holograms. This technology is commonly observed safeguarding the security and authenticity of currencies worldwide, playing a pivotal role in international efforts against fraud and counterfeiting.

Mexico have embraced holographic technology on their banknotes

Security Features within Security Holograms:

Modern security holograms boast a range of features that enhance their effectiveness in thwarting fraudulent activities. Overt security features, such as optical illusions visible to the naked eye, provide immediate verification of authenticity. Covert security elements and serialisation further fortify holograms against counterfeiting attempts. Digitally-readable content, including holographic QR codes, offers manufacturers valuable customer engagement data and enhances product traceability.

The introduction of our ValiGate® Zoom marks a significant advancement in hologram authentication technology. Previous attempts to authenticate holograms using smartphones have been challenging due to the varying angles and lighting conditions required. ValiGate® Zoom addresses this issue by allowing anyone with a smartphone to verify holograms for authenticity without the need for a dedicated app. This revolutionary approach not only restores trust in holograms but also emphasizes the security and uniqueness of features produced by KURZ and SCRIBOS, making them difficult for counterfeiters to replicate.

ValiGate® Zoom

Furthermore, the versatility of ValiGate® Zoom shines through its full customisability, enabling brands to tailor the holographic security feature to align with their unique branding requirements. Notably, our solution offers two implementation methods: seamless integration by print shops with hot stamping capabilities or delivery as a pre-finished label. This flexibility empowers brands to choose the implementation approach that best suits their specific needs and preferences.

Overall, security holograms represent a dynamic and versatile tool in the fight against counterfeiting and fraud. With their rich history, advanced features, and diverse applications, holograms continue to play a vital role in enhancing brand protection, product authentication and consumer trust.

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