Internet link for sealing labels and tapes

Online checking of the packaging seal provides complete transparency in the logistics chain and enables interaction with end consumers

tesa SE
HPS FX + tesa connect & check

Heidelberg, 13. April, 2016. The new generation of products in the HighPerSealFX labels and tapes range can be equipped with QR codes, allowing users to access the online verification platform tesa connect & check.


The QR codes can be read easily using a smartphone, redirecting users to the tesa connect & check platform. There they will find clear and simple instructions on how to check the labels and tapes for signs of tampering. To help with this, the seals are shown both untouched and opened. Users – be they retailers, customs officials, investigators or end consumers – can then compare these images with the seal on their product packaging. This allows them to see at a glance whether or not the seal has been manipulated.

Reporting tampering

As part of the checking process, users can indicate whether the seal on their product packaging has remained untouched. If they confirm that the label or tape is in its original, unopened state, they see the confirmation: “Package integrity is confirmed”. On the other hand, if users indicate that the package has been manipulated, a corresponding message will appear. They are also given the option to report the tampering and pass this information on to the brand owner. This includes the option to send, among other things, information about the retailer from which the product was purchased. Users can also add a picture of the product packaging that has been manipulated. The brand owner is then able to contact the customer and take appropriate countermeasures.


A strong return on investment across the board

The crucial advantage of this link is the possibility of combining the logical security offered by QR codes with the physical proof that a product has been opened for the first time that comes with the opening effect in HighPerSealFX products. It is only in this way that the integrity of a product packaging can reliably be tested and guaranteed. By registering all checks that are carried out on the tesa connect & check platform, detailed market data can be gathered. The geographical data obtained shows the brand owner or retailer where and when their products are being sold and checked. Problem areas may emerge, in which particularly high rates of product packaging tampering come to light. By accessing this real-life data, the brand owner is able to monitor the logistics chain of its products and, if appropriate, introduce countermeasures. This transparency in the logistics chain cannot be achieved using run-of-the-mill sealing products.

The QR codes can also be created to be individual to each product packaging. As a result, each product receives a unique ID code that can be used for track-and-trace purposes. At the same time, this enables individual product information to be stored that can be sent directly to the end consumer, benefiting customers and brand owners alike.


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