New partnership between U-LABEL & SCRIBOS

U-LABEL & SCRIBOS are excited to announce their partnership to enable the wine and spirits industry to meet future regulations regarding the possible digitisation of ingredient & nutritional information while benefiting from the power of new authenticity, traceability and dynamic communication services for consumers.

New partnership between U-LABEL & SCRIBOS

A major breakthrough in wine & spirits labelling

This partnership will enable players in the wine and spirits sector to comply with the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) legal package, where, for the first time ever in the food sector, the communication of mandatory information through digital means (e-labels) will be authorized for wines and aromatized wine products.

By November 2023, all wines and aromatised wine producs commercialised in the EU, independent of their origin, will have to communicate the list of ingredients and the full nutrition declaration on-label or online.

In response to this new regulation, the CEEV brought the U-Label project to life, which supports wine and spirits companies on their new journey towards digitizing consumer information through the creation of e-labels. The project aims also at clarifying, harmonizing and reinforcing the concept and feasibility of e-labels vis-à-vis European and national authorities.

These e-labels, which come in the form of a QR-Code connected with the U-label platform, can now be easily combined with solutions of SCRIBOS, a company known for state-of-the-art brand protection solutions. This QR-Code can be easily integrated into the packaging design - either printed on the guarantee stamp or on the back label of bottles.

This U-label/SCRIBOS solution will allow companies to communicate digitally the composition of their products required by the 2021 Wine Common Market Organization Regulation, while at the same opening avenues for product authentication, traceability and consumer interaction.

Another bonus of this combined solution is, that it can detect the language setting of any smartphone, so that each consumer receives the information in his or her preferred language. The U-label platform covers all European languages.

It also will provide the product reference and any information that the brand wishes to push according to the consumer's profile.

SCRIBOS’s current customers, among which are Saint-Émilion Wine Council, the CASTEL Group, various Bordeaux operators, as well as the Syndicat des vignerons des Côtes du Rhône, will also benefit from this innovation, as the solution can be integrated easily in already existing guarantee stamps.

The U-label / SCRIBOS solution is already operational and available now! Thus the various actors will be able to anticipate and use the new QR Code U LABEL SCRIBOS in order to avoid any risk of delay in the production of labels and the sale of bottles!

About U-LABEL :

U-LABEL is a digital platform developed under the auspices of the Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins (CEEV) and spiritsEUROPE, to facilitate the creation of e-labels by wine, aromatized wine and spirit drink producers, and thus meet the new EU labelling rules. 



SCRIBOS develops and manufactures innovative, secure product markings, which can be combined with cutting-edge digital tools. These effective brand protection solutions empower brand owners all over the world to combat counterfeiting, grey market trading and unauthorized overproduction. On top of this, they open avenues for customer interaction, track & trace and market analysis.

As of September 2021, SCRIBOS is a 100% subsidiary of the KURZ Group, which is the worldwide leader in thin film technology.

Therefore, the company benefits from the extensive experience and the global presence in the international market of security applications of its mother company.

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