SCRIBOS, KURZ and DSI will be exhibiting at the Licensing Expo 2022!

SCRIBOS, KURZ and DSI will be exhibiting at the Licensing Expo 2022 in Las Vegas from the 24 till 26th of May! As a joint force, we can help you unleash the full potential of your brand with future-oriented solutions for brand protection and licensing management.

SCRIBOS, KURZ and DSI help you unleash the full potential of your brand with future-oriented solutions for brand protection and license management!

Consumer behavior has changed significantly during the past two years due to the global pandemic. In addition, Covid will continue to affect future developments. Experts assume that licensors worldwide will have to adapt their business models and rely on solutions that likewise address licensees and end consumers. The reason for this is that e-commerce continues growing and becoming more and more widespread. Many licensors and licensees are shifting to a co-market model. For that transition to succeed, they need secure and reliable solutions that enable full transparency and attract the customers’ attention.

Meeting the industry’s needs, SCRIBOS, KURZ and DSI have joined forces to present a brand-new Interactive Security Tag that offers three essential benefits: reliable brand protection, convenient process management for both licensor and licensee, and bonus features for consumers.

Secure and sustainable tamper protection

The new KURZ/SCRIBOS Interactive Security Tag combines innovative and secure product markings with cutting-edge digital tools. The established TRUSTSEAL® Protect technology by LEONHARD KURZ includes proprietary security features such as “Diffractive Gold” or “Diffractive Red” and is exceptionally counterfeit- and tamper-proof – especially when combined with the ValiGate® security pattern by SCRIBOS. The intelligent structure provides the code with a copy-protected identity.

Convenient license management

Thanks to the connected SCRIBOS digital platform and licensing management platform, licensors can manage all licenses centrally. Licensees also benefit as they can simply order and receive the appropriate product markings online. This ensures transparency about the quantities produced by the individual licensees. This allows companies to compare order volumes and sales reports, thus offering full transparency.

This simplifies reporting and billing of license fees for licensees and licensors. By processing the system via the digital platform from SCRIBOS 360, the licensee receives valuable market knowledge about their licensed products. They can see where their products are on the market at any time, learn more about consumer behavior and thus efficiently control marketing activities.

Dependable Solutions offer a set of comprehensive brand licensing management tools and services that are designed to streamline licensing related processes and support the work of licensing professionals from commercial, creative, financial, and legal teams. Dependable Solutions cloud-based software suite automates complex tasks related to royalties collections, approval workflows, and assets and contract management – all whilst providing the business intelligence data and reports needed to boost revenue and increase efficiency.

As partners, SCRIBOS ® and Dependable Solutions Inc., can offer an all-inclusive package to support licensors and licensees in their quest to protect intellectual property and provide real time data end consumers. The mutual goal of this collaboration is to ultimately increase transparency between licensing partners, to further optimize licensing operations and drive business growth.

Connecting with customers

Licensors build trust with end consumers by offering them a simple and reliable way to check the product’s authenticity: ValiGate® gives direct feedback with just a convenient scan via smartphone. Also, the QR code offers the opportunity to implement different interaction options or bonus programs into it, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for consumers and fans. Last but not least, thanks to TRUSTSEAL® SFX, the brilliant and customizable design attracts customers at the point of sale.

At the Licensing Expo 2022, we want to show you our innovative brand protection solutions which covers licensing management, interactive security tags and digital modules to unleash the full potential of your licensed brands.

You can meet KURZ + SCRIBOS at booth B216 and DSI at booth A204!


About Dependable Solutions
Dependable Solutions, Inc. offers state-of-the-art brand licensing software solutions and automate complex tasks related royalties, approvals, assets, and contract management. 

We provide licensees, licensing agents, brand owners, and music & media companies with the most comprehensive and reliable software in the industry.

We streamline the day-to-day tasks in your licensing operation to help you build a smarter business – and stop drowning in time-consuming tasks. We handle the entirety of the licensing process, ranging from development to design and approval to retail sales – while ensuring contract compliance and royalty tracking with detailed reporting.

Our solutions save licensors, licensees, and agents time by automating many of the tasks involved in implementing and overseeing a licensing program. Our software improves communication practices throughout your operation – and gives you valuable insight to make faster, smarter, and more accurate decisions.

Maksuda Hope 
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About KURZ

KURZ has been one of the leading providers of product and brand protection for over 40 years. With TRUSTCONCEPT®, we give you an intelligent package to support your anti-counterfeiting strategy. As a customer, you benefit from our individually tailored solutions for the identification of original products, tamper protection to combat counterfeit products, and greater transparency within your products’ distribution channels. Everything from a single source. Combined with a highly specialized consulting service that accompanies you every step of your security concept.

An optical security feature (optical variable device) merged with software - that's TRUSTCONCEPT®. We combine our TRUSTSEAL® foil technologies and TRUSTCODE® software solutions into appealing and complete packages for brand protection and communication. Linking visual effects to information technology opens new opportunities for branding and market analysis - genuine added value for you and your customers.

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