tesa scribos product protection technology receives Blue Shield Award 2015

The Chinese product and brand protection organisation Security Identification Union (SID) commends tesa scribos security solutions for the automotive industry.


Heidelberg / Beijing, 01. December 2015. At the 10th Security Document Summit in Beijing, the Chinese organisation Security Identification Union (SID) awarded the Blue Shield Award 2015 to tesa scribos security solutions for the automotive industry.


The Security Identification Union (SID) is a Chinese product and brand protection organisation which focuses on combating product piracy. It promotes international exchange between authorities, brand owners and solution providers, in order to realise optimum security solutions. Each year, the organisation awards the Blue Shield Award to international providers of security solutions. This year, tesa scribos came out on top with its impressive product protection solutions for the automotive industry.


Automotive industry a target for counterfeiters

The efforts of organisations like the SID are important, because the Chinese market is one of the markets especially targeted by counterfeiters. Although these counterfeiters operate across a range of industries, the automotive industry is particularly badly affected. Spare parts such as filters, shock absorbers and windscreen wipers are among the products counterfeited – often in large quantities. This is as much the case for Chinese goods as for products from foreign manufacturers. Counterfeit products lead to huge financial losses and can cause long-term harm to a brand image. They also pose a serious safety risk, because automotive spare parts directly influence the safety of vehicles and therefore of users.


Innovation ensures reliable product and brand protection

To ensure vehicle safety and protect brand owners from financial losses, reliable product and brand protection is essential. The security solution used must always meet the highest technical standards in order to create an impenetrable barrier for counterfeiters. To guarantee this, tesa scribos uses a high-resolution inscription process developed in-house. With this technology, various security features are integrated into tesa VeoMark and tesa PrioSpot security labels on up to seven verification levels. This unique inscription process means that the security labels cannot be counterfeited and ensures reliable authenticity verification. The SID has now honoured the outstanding performance of tesa scribos security technology with the Blue Shield Award 2015.


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