Success Story

Bosch Power Tools: Tackling product piracy in new markets with counterfeiting issues 

Solution: Security Label VeoMark®
Industrie: Technology & Service
Main target: Stop Counterfeiting 

How can a well-known brand launch new products in a market with counterfeiting issues and still feel assured that these products are not being directly counterfeited? By utilizing an intelligent solution from SCRIBOS, Bosch Power Tools demonstrates how.

The challenge

Bosch Power Tools GmbH, part of the Bosch Group, is a global leader in power tools, power tool accessories and measurement technology. The Bosch and Dremel brands are equally well-known - so well-known, in fact, that in 2018 around 85% of Bosch Power Tools' sales were generated outside Germany.
The introduction of a new angle grinder and a Bosch brand impact drill, specifically designed for Africa, presented a fresh set of challenges, prompting Bosch Power Tools to implement a SCRIBOS solution.
What measures can be taken to safeguard their new product launches, particularly in countries where counterfeits are prevalent? How can counterfeiters be prosecuted efficiently in the event of suspected counterfeiting or illegal trade?
On the one hand, consumers and retailers need a simple tool that helps them tell the difference between real and fake products. On the other hand, Bosch Power Tools must be able to take targeted and efficient action against counterfeiters.

Our solution

Each new Bosch Power Tools product is equipped with a VeoMark® security label. Consumers and retailers can easily verify the overt security features on the label without any additional equipment. The security feature also includes covert features to allow experts or customs officials to carry out more in-depth checks. Each security label is unique and carries a different alphanumeric code.

The VeoMark® security feature is combined with a QR code. When the user scans the QR code, the SCRIBOS 360 Authentication module displays an animation of the original label of the product. The user can then compare the original label with the label on his product. This allows users to identify fakes easily and intuitively.
The check result and geographical location are then sent back to the brand owner. Combining this data with the results of all other market checks, gives brand owners an effective weapon to combat counterfeits. Brand owners can use the data to locate counterfeit hotspots and illegal distribution channels. Furthermore, this data can be used to organise targeted investigations and raids.


The result

The combination of counterfeit-proof security labels, intuitive authentication for consumers and real-time market data guaranteed the successful launch of the Bosch Power Tool products in the African market. Moreover, it strengthened the consumers trust in the brand. 
The Bosch Group trusts in SCRIBOS brand protection solutions, as evidenced by the fact that they have used them for their products since 2011. 

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