Success Story

Ligue Nationale De Rugby: Creating the ultimate fan experience 

Solution: Security Label VeoMark®
Industry: Licensing 
Main target: Stop Counterfeiting / Initiate Customer Interaction 

Fair play in all respects: TOP 14, PRO D2 and In Extenso SUPERSEVENS rugby fans can now easily identify if their purchased merchandise is genuine, while licensors and licensees can learn more about the fans' purchasing behavior. This will help them improve customer experiences in the future.

The challenge

As a licensor, the Ligue Nationale de Rugby - LNR for short - faces the major challenge of creating a direct link to their fans, as products bearing the LNR brands, such as TOP 14, PRO D2, In Extenso SUPERSEVENS, are distributed via license holders. As a result, there is no opportunity to implement a comprehensive communication strategy and get to know the fans better.

In addition, counterfeiting and copyright infringements are always a major problem when it comes to granting licenses. Rugby is one of the most popular sports in France, so it is not surprising that the professional rugby championship in 15s and 7s rugby has attracted the attention of counterfeiters. Licensing allows for a wide variety of products to be produced by different manufacturers. This makes it particularly difficult for fans to authenticate products.

Our solution

Working closely with the National Rugby League and official licensing agency SportFive, SCRIBOS developed a solution that gives licensors and licensees the chance to engage with fans and provide them with a guarantee of authenticity. 
With the tried-and-tested, counterfeit-proof VeoMark® security label, SCRIBOS offers LNR a versatile solution. It gives rugby fans the opportunity to experience the brand through customer interaction features, such as product information, league news or the My Rugby loyalty program. The information can be easily updated, which gives the National Rugby League the chance to notify the fans in real time about the latest offers and content for special events. 

Furthermore, the fans have proof that they have purchased an original product. French rugby fans can now focus on their beloved sport,.

The National Rugby League is taking its licensing program to a whole new level with the help of SCRIBOS. Through the use of interactive labels, we effectively protect our products against counterfeiting. At the same time, this solution gives us the chance to interact directly with our fans.

Thibaut Chatelard
Marketing and Commercial Director French National Rugby League

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